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Green Machine offers a range of services across Wiltshire and Berkshire. Please take a look below at the services we can currently provide.

IT Disposal

Free Computer Recycling:

Do you have an old PC that you want to dispose of but you’re worried about your old data? Bring it to us for recycling at our offices in Ramsbury and we will destroy any data held on the machine for free! We offer the same service to businesses but we will collect the items for free.
Our IT disposal service is simple, book a collection via our website or call us and we will ask for an approximate list of items. We will then arrange a time, collect the equipment, audit it and send you an itemised list of kit collected, and destroy all data held on devices. We do charge in some cases (hazardous goods or if you only have a small amount of kit, so please check before booking, if in doubt ask for a copy of our terms and conditions for collections.) Enquire about a collection now email: or call us now on 01672 520133 for more information.

Data Destruction:

For individuals and businesses we also offer a data destruction service. This is also done as a free service unless certification is required. We will wipe the data using software and repeatedly overwrite the data until it cannot be read anymore. If this is not sufficient we can send the hard drives offsite to be destroyed physically, but we will charge for this service.



For home users Green Machine offers a range of affordable products from refurbished laptops and Computers to custom built machines to your specifications. We deal and can offer low tech to high spec systems at affordable prices. We also offer a range of keyboards and mice, screens, components, routers, switches plus other parts. Green Machine has a team dedicated to hardware and software repair. If your machine is running slowly, if you have antivirus or malware issues or if you have software issues we can help. We can also fix issues like damaged screens, machines not switching on and hard drive problems. We can service your old PC or laptop and upgrade it too! Enquire now by email: or call us now on 01672 520133 for more information.


If you’re a business of 1 or 101, we can help you by providing a complete managed IT Service with 24/7 support, 365 days a year. We Offer IT Support, Network Management, System Upgrade, System Maintenance, Security Systems and Firewalls and Antivirus Software and Backup Solutions. For individual solutions or a complete package under our IT Manager service, if you need an IT Manager but your budget doesn’t allow it then we have the solution for you. If you need an engineer onsite to fix a single PC or upgrade a hundred PC’s we can help! we offer this service for Businesses based in Wiltshire and Berkshire, if your further afield please enquire directly. We offer a complete range of software and hardware packages for businesses and individuals at an affordable cost. If you want a refurbished machine or a brand new system we can help. Office upgrades, improving networks and custom built systems are just some of the services we can offer. Low Spec to High Tech at an affordable price. Enquire now by email: or call us now on 01672 520133 for more information.


We have been working with schools in Wiltshire and Berkshire for over 4 years and have completed numerous projects, from installation of servers and wireless networks to adhoc repairs on old tech that the schools need to keep working, our pricing is very competitive and we can offer same day IT support onsite as and when required. We can supply one off support or offer a competitive pricing for on-going support covering all of your current equipment, we also fund raise and offer donations as and when required to the schools we work with. Enquire now by email: or call us now on 01672 520133 for more information


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